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Am I a sociopath?

Welcome! You must be very anxious to find out whether or not you are a sociopath.

You have rated 0 comments. I really don't have enough data to verify that you are not a sociopath. Please go back, rate few more comments before and after seeing related video clips.

The purpose of this test is fun and amusement. It is not conducted by a professional medical doctor (psychiatrist), but it is based on a story told by one, a story about the diamond of opposites based questionary and results retrieved from a number of cold blooded murders serving their sentences in jail. I will not reveal to you what all of them had in common on those questionaries because that would influence your future ratings of the comments on this site.

Ratings so far have revealed sociopaths in the following cities: Ottawa, Canada; St. Louis, Missouri; Barcelona, Spain; Carrollton, Georgia.

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