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The purpose of this site is to collect videos that changed peoples opinions on various issues. If you saw some enlightening YouTube or Google video, please submit it here.

How this rating system works

Rate a comment before and after seeing a video. If video taught you something, then your response to related comment probably changed. If a change is big, then video is enlightening! If video was enlightening for many viewers, it is a best rated video.

Submit a YouTube or Google Video

- It's easy!

1. Submit a link to YouTube video or GoogleVideo that you like. YouTube link can be found in a text box, something like URL . Google url just copy/paste from address bar in your browser.

2. Write a comment related to the topic of that video. Comment must be understandable without seeing the video!

3. Occasionally the best video submissions are rewarded. Write your e-mail address to be included in consideration. It will not be shared with anyone, nor used for any advertising purpose.

The idea is that viewer first rates a comment, then sees a video related to that comment, and then rates the comment again. Hopefully, comment will be related to this video, so after seeing it, viewer will perceive that comment differently. YOUR COMMENT IS AS IMPORTANT AS VIDEO!

2 same videos with different comments or 2 same comments with different videos will have different ratings because comments are rated in relation to videos.


Comment can be as simple as 'Sunrise', and related video may change the way people feel about 'Sunrise'. Video on a topic/content that is insightful, enlightening, obscure, controversial, etc, has best chances of becoming the best video. Think about what is the topic that many people either have not thought about, or have some opinion on it (that should be your comment), and yet, your video will 'open' their eyes (and they will change opinion about your comment).

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Please refer to YouTube Terms of Use to understand what kind of content you can or cannot expect to find here. One important part is heading '5. User Submissions' paragraph 'C.'.

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